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Welcome to the new website,Today’s Entrepreneur..I have taken the old site offline so that I can re-create it from scratch. I am using a new software called Optimizepress 2.0 and I am really enjoying it.  WordPress has such versatility to it and it is a culmination of hundreds of peoples efforts worldwide. Which brings me to my main point.

Our focus here at Todays Entrepreneur is always been the same, which is  to provide our valuable members with great content and of course some FREE stuff. In the past we had advertising contests and that worked out alright, although I was surprised that more people didn’t want to win FREE stuff like front page articles for a month or whatever was posted for them.

Now for Todays Entrepreneur  I will be creating fresh content articles on SEO, website creation ,network marketing, multi level marketing, social media marketing,video marketing, internet marketing, local search marketing and much more.

I will share information on software, marketing opportunities and marketing company programs including some that I have used before and why I still use them or give you my opinion as to why I no longer do and perhaps it may help you to decide what is right for your own business and entrepreneurial needs.

PS - In the mean time as I set up shop again I encourage you to see this....

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Here's EXACTLY how he did it... I dare you to watch his short video and not get chills down your spine ..................... seriously !!!

Bring the Fresh is something I have been using for over two years and he updates his information to match the current search engine's requirements to rank well.

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Bring The Fresh an affiliates dream

Bring The Fresh


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Sara Lees owner of Todays Entrepreneur